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Gym design in private house, Petrovskoe village
advice on a gym design

Gym design

Gym design

Own gym is very convenient if there is no sports club nearby, but there is a desire to keep yourself in good shape, and there is a free room for these purposes. Gym design should begin with the determination of the required number and type of exercise machines, a zone of free weights, space for mats.

It is necessary to position exercise equipment in such a way that it is comfortable and safe on each exercise machine, to minimize the distances from the racks with barbells and dumbbells to the benches. At the same time, ventilation and air-conditioning systems should be located in such a way that there is enough fresh air in the room and those who train are not subject to direct airflows.

It is recommendable to place more mirrors, so that you can admire yourself and the correctness of the exercises. Think about the music and, possibly, television during your workouts. A lot of light stimulates activity, do not forget about it.


Among the practical advice on the materials of interior decoration, the main thing that should be taken into account, is a high-quality and reliable floor covering.

A special coverage for gyms, or at least commercial coverage is desirable. Although, if you put mats under the barbells and dumbbells, then carpet, parquet, and laminate suit.

Of course, it is always more pleasant to train on quality equipment and in a beautiful environment. When designing use those colors that stimulate your activity, your favorite colors.

The answer to the question: "Should I order the design of the gym?" - depends on the individual requirements for the beauty of the things around you. If you feel that beauty gives energy, stimulates activity, and bare functionality and asceticism of the gym discourage your desire to exercise, order the design from us. We always welcome new clients.