November 2016
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Contemporary gym design with city panorama view

Project description

The idea of ​​design. Create a modern bright sports hall

Design concept. The task was in a relatively small passage area, which remained after the redevelopment of the total volume and separation of the area for the bathroom with a shower, to provide a couple of aerobic simulators, a horizontal bar with a wall and a rack for dumbbells.

Difficulties when working on a project. The need to create a feeling of cozy zoning, as well as visually distract attention from the stairs and the open doorway into the corridor.

The advantages of the implemented project. The staircase is stylishly and concisely, black color forging fits into the interior. The main attention is attracted by large windows, which add a sense of spaciousness and a panorama of the city in shades of gray.

Basic materials. Photowall-paper with a panorama of the city, an artificial decorative stone.

Address of the object. Smila, Cherkasy region.