April 2012
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Hotel hall design in contemporary style

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Project description

Object address: Volnogorsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.

Design idea: "Simplicity and geometry of forms"

The embodiment of the design concept. Hotel services are used by different groups of people, each has their own preferences, tastes and needs. Hall, as a rule, determines the further concept and style of the institution. In this case, the task was to create an interior in a functional and constructive modern style using glass.

There were a lot of difficulties when working on the design of the hall. In addition to the fact that this hall is a transit one, it has 12 doors. 10 of them are the entrance to hotel rooms. It was necessary to somehow visually hide these openings. Therefore, wall cladding in the form of rust is not made parallel to the walls, but at an angle (with increasing depth from above). Also rusta with each step upward decrease in height. Such a design technique visually increases the height of the room.

In addition, with a width of 5.50 m, the length of the hall is 17.5 m. To avoid the elongation and monotony of the room, the ceiling and floor are divided into 3 sectors. It optically breaks and expands the space, visually expands the walls and reduces the length of the room.

The biggest disadvantage of this room is the lack of natural light. The sun's rays get here only through the glass doorways leading to the living rooms, and 2 glass doors that are the entrance to the hall. Therefore, the priority task was to correctly supply it with additional ceiling lighting, visually expanding the walls so that the hall does not look like a tunnel. Extreme of the ceiling sections are illuminated with boxes of acrylic, for which LED lamps are installed. The central zone is complicated by glass boxes, and in the middle - exclusive fixtures made of glass to order. They just look like removable multi-colored glass flasks with a square cross section, and inside them spotlights are mounted. Along the perimeter of the entire gypsum ceiling mounted hidden LED lights.

The main materials used in the interior. The 3 m long reception desk is made of glossy black MDF, white leather sofas from the Davanti company, tiles from the Code collection (manufactured by Italon), black stretch ceiling, MDF panels on the walls, and decorative brick of dark gray.

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina The design of the hotel lobby is the first thing a person sees when entering a hotel. The first impression of the hotel depends on how this space looks, and the decision itself - to stay here or not. Such a design will appeal to the person of a rational type of thinking. Here, clear structured lines and geometric shapes with large local planes, a reasonable minimum of furniture and accessories - only what is needed, and only where necessary.