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Reception and corridor design project for Medical center
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advice on an office design

Office design

Depending on the type of office space, the priority of tasks, that face the design, is changing.

Office design

The interior design of the office is called to complete two main tasks:

    • Comfortable work of office personnel. This is the convenience of communication between employees, fast work with documents, optimizing the placement of jobs, and many other factors.

  • Respectable representation of the company in the eyes of its employees and counterparties. Both office interior and exterior are to promote a correct image of the company in the minds of its partners and clients, confirm the needed level of status and prestige.

Office design

If we are talking about the director's cabinet, then in its decoration it is important to use more expensive materials and technologies as well as more attention should be paid to artistic elements that can emphasize company's success. People associate an expensive office with a successful company, and a presentable negotiating room can instill confidence in a reliable partnership with the firm.

But, if there is a strong contrast with the quality of finishing and office furnishing, this may seem an indicator of a superficial attitude directly towards the working processes in the company. So do not neglect the design of ordinary office rooms, especially since the functional part of their design can play an even greater role.

Contemporary office design


Modern office design complicated, first of all, by its conciseness. Business style, as in clothes, is a certain restraint of lines, rigor, practicality. Each form should be "in its place," its presence is justified and necessary to express a specific goal. Very rarely in corporate design excesses are allowed, which may be due to a certain type of the company's activities.

For example, the design of an office for advertising or creative agency, office of a travel agency or the premises of a marriage salon, certainly, do not necessarily have to be strict and businesslike. Quite the contrary, their interiors should bear lightness, ease and a sense of celebration. But, even taking into account the need to bring such warmth and emotions into the interior, this does not reduce the requirements for the style and certain presentability.

To comply with all these conditions, to correctly combine the brand's direction with creative ideas in the design project of the office, to choose the materials that are optimal in price and quality for decoration, to select furniture and light fixtures, is not an easy task, but it is extremely important in repairing offices. Order a design project for the office interior from professionals.

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