March 2017
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Director's room in beauty salon design

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Loft with a feminine mood.

Design concept. The interior of the cabinet is a continuation of the next room - the showroom. Therefore, the same coatings are taken as a basis: a combination of muted "dry" wood on the floor, light cream decorative plaster on the walls and dark gray paint on the ceiling. To give the interior more glamor and femininity, they added a white plaster brick, fragments of bright decorative plaster and a white classic chandelier "French Provincial Crystal Chandelier" hanging on the chain.

To emphasize the contrast between the brutality of the ceiling and the tenderness of the walls, a high plaster cornice was used around the perimeter of the room. It is painted with the same decorative plaster as the walls. At the table, the entire width of the wall arranged wooden shelves for documents, papers, etc., decorated them with LED lighting. Corner furniture element with a surface for the printer hides in itself the placement of the safe attached to the floor and wall. It gives the chance to use more graceful and easy forms of a table freely. In this embodiment, it is facilitated by a white frame and is decorated with a red carriage coupler ..

The main materials used in the design project: Work chair "4 mariani". The sofa is integrated into a niche, decorated with the same fabric and in the same style as the table front. Pig-iron radiator, painted in graphite color as a replica of the era; It is an element that emphasizes the loft style. The windows are decorated with bright Austrian organza curtains. The doors are made of wood, the elements of metal upholstery are present as a tribute to past centuries, in which most factories and factory premises were built, which formed icons of a loft style.

Object address: Cherkasy