August 2017
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Corridor design for Medical center

Project description

The idea of ​​design. Practicality, functionality and comfort for the patient and the health worker.

People become more patient and understanding when they are in comfortable, pleasant conditions. Therefore, when creating a design, one of the main tasks was to soften the monotony and tense atmosphere hovering in the air of medical institutions, to create an environment in which patients would feel calm.

The embodiment of the design concept. The length of this corridor is 36 m, and the width is 2.57 m. The only source of natural light is the window at the end of the corridor. Therefore, it was decided to install a glass door at the other end of the corridor and place the required number of LED lights (600x600 mm).

In order for the corridor not to look so long, the method of "fragmentation" was used, that is, the separation of walls and ceiling into separate fragments; Moreover, the construction of the building itself, namely the presence of beams, contributed to this. Separating zones with different forms and materials, the corridor is visually divided into 4 parts and loses its similarity with the tunnel.

A part of the inside-wall space in the center of the corridor on both sides was managed to be allocated for built-in wardrobes. They are hidden behind white, blue and sand-colored chipboard doors and can be up to 45 cm deep.

The main materials used in the interior. Patients will feel light and calm, being surrounded by balanced combinations of painting and chipboard, where aesthetic appeal is the main priority.

The walls are decorated with smooth painting (Amber 30 and Lazur 180 in the Caparol 3D Plus palette) and chipboard panels (Egger U156 ST9 beige sand, Egger U522 ST9 blue horizon and Egger W1100 ST9 white Alpine). Also along the entire corridor, plastic wall chippers-handrails are used, which protect walls from mechanical damage and external contamination.

The floor tiles "ATEM E0000" sand color (600x600 mm). Plasterboard constructions with painting in 3 colors are used on the ceiling: white, sand (Amber 30) and blue (Lazur 180), and also the “Geipel” cassette ceiling (600x600 mm) of white and beige color.
Luminaires: EGLO 89489 ceiling LED lights (600x600 mm) and white spotlights KANLUX 71991.

Dline Style sofas of the Deni-2 series (1430x700xh900 mm), Dline Style benches the Solo series (960х570хh880 mm), Dline Style chairs the Solo series of 2 different colors, 4 Dline Style tables Modern 2 series (440х440хh640 mm).

Address of the object. Medical Center, Kiev, st. Lomonosov 33/43