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July 2017
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Office design for IT company

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. The main idea and task was to fulfill the wishes of customers as much as possible, creating visual lightness, design mobility, multifunctional equipment and finding a stylistic solution using the existing equipment, company colors and a protagonist. Design concept. The work was carried out in an already designed space, with spread desktops, glass partitions and several zones for short-term meetings. But the staff and management came to the conclusion that for more productive and quiet work, you need to solve a couple more tasks: to zone the space, removing the noise; create additional storage space for employees' personal belongings and place whiteboards for notes and work notes. First of all, we took into account the specifics of the work of the company's employees, their number and the need for teams to work, which implies movement around the premises and additional discussions. The solution was sectional partitions with a metal frame. Partitions include sections of transparent tempered glass, colored glass, PVC inserts, boxes, shelves, crust and marker boards. One of the wishes of customers was to provide a place to store personal belongings of employees. The solution was the modular typesetting elements that perform the function of sections for things and small partitions between rows of tables. Other projects of offices from the Interior-Idea design studio