June 2019
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Office design of a carport depot in a modern style

Project description

Work is an important indicator in the life of every adult.
She brings not only the necessary money, but also interesting communication with like-minded people.
And if the work is interesting, and the workplace is comfortable and well equipped, then there is also the pleasure of your favorite work.
No wonder there is a saying: "To work, as on a holiday."


The embodiment of the design concept.

Because The depot specializes in operating, repairing and servicing the rolling stock, then every day a large number of employees of various ranks pass through the offices: from simple repairmen to heads of departments.
Therefore, work spaces should be ergonomic and thought out to the smallest detail, so that in a short time you can serve a large flow of visitors.


The main difficulties when working on a project.

multifunctional space;

small repair budget;

mostly required furniture design;

The main advantages of the implemented over the existing.

- more organic and solid interior;

- the room seems larger in size than before the design;

- managed to hide the columns and radiators;

- the room has become lighter;

- comfortable and carefully thought-out jobs.


The main materials used in the interior.

- decorative plaster gray;

- cabinet furniture from MDF and chipboard;

- Commercial coating with a laminate texture.

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