August 2012
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Office design in contemporary style for law firm

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Simplicity and accuracy.

Design concept. The premises presented on the visualization are a vestibule of 4.8 m2, a common room of 37.88 m2 and a corridor of 14.02 m2, and a height of 3.20 m. This area is intended for 7 employees with the possibility to receive up to 6-7 visitors. In the design of the premises was taken into account the type of activity of employees. For lawyers, it is important that nothing distracts them from the smallest details of current affairs. In addition, high labor productivity must be combined with the ability to control oneself and resist any stressful situations. Given the irregular working day, the interior of the workplace should not be annoying and somewhat homely.

Therefore, when decorating this office, the restrained, non-cold tones of decorative plaster were chosen, and the same wooden panels were used on the bottom of the walls as in other rooms. Since there is not enough sunlight in the rooms, many of the alterations are made of glass from floor to ceiling. If necessary, the worker can close the wooden eyes from the extra eyes.

The main difficulties when working on a project:
- place the necessary set of furniture in a narrow corridor;
- insufficient insolation of the room. The only source of sunlight is the glazing in the main hall. It is made from the floor to the ceiling, but if necessary, the worker can close the wooden blinds from the extra eyes. The light enters the corridor only through the glazing of the office of the deputy director.
- fit existing furniture (table, cabinets, chairs) in the new interior.

The main materials used in the interior:
- decorative plaster of light beige and gold colors;
- Italian wallpaper of golden color “Jannelli & Volpi”;
- wooden slats;
- sofa "Mustang" company "Davanti";
- photowall-paper with the image of a megacity;
- floor tiles from the collection "Code" (production "Italon")

Address of the object. Kirovograd

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina There are no new ideas and original things. Here are strict, concise and practical forms. The main thing that was possible in this design is to use practical materials on the walls, place all the necessary furniture and harmoniously enter the existing desks, cabinets and chairs. Therefore, this project has an unassuming title - “Simplicity and accuracy for the legal office”