May 2013
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Meeting room design for Orion-Glass company in contemporary style

Project description

The embodiment of the design concept:

Since this company is engaged in the production of glass and glassware, the task before us was to make a meeting room using glass surfaces to the maximum and in different interpretations.
This will help the company to demonstrate the features and diversity of its products, as well as show a creative and creative approach to the implementation of their projects.

What could we offer them? At the beginning, the redevelopment was made: from 3 small rooms, one large (37 m2) meeting room space was arranged.
The main surfaces of all the walls were proposed to be decorated with glass and wooden panels.
Gray glass is mounted at a distance of 20 mm from the wall using chrome-plated fasteners.

The ceiling, like the walls, is also decorated with wood and glass.
Its main "highlight" is a large glass structure in a metal profile, behind which is hidden a blue LED backlight.
This creates the illusion of a floating, weightless ceiling and demonstrates the versatility of using glass in the interior.
In the center of the wooden U-shaped design used glass with the texture of droplets with hidden blue LED lights around the perimeter.
And in the center there are 3 crystal-shaped lamps made of frosted glass (with edges of 60 cm each).

The existing niche is used under the wardrobe, documentation and other necessary things.
This design of 3 glass sliding doors visually looks inconspicuous due to the glass surface and the pattern with the image of 3 glass balls.

The legs of the table were welded from metal and decorated in the form of glass cubes with blue light.
This made it possible to visually facilitate such a heavy and large wooden table (4x2 m).

The doors are made of frosted blue glass.

The radiators are covered with wooden grids.

As a result, we managed to hide the existing columns, get an organic and solid interior.

The main materials used in the interior:

Parquet board, glass, wood panels, wooden table with glass table top, chairs "Orion HB chrome Pearl No. 07", swivel lamps "Massive 30977".

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina

In this project there were no special financial restrictions, it helped to realize my idea in full.
As a designer, in the process of working, I was able to become better acquainted with the entire range and features of glass and its use.
Therefore, I am pleased with the result.