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June 2016
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Rating: Accounting offices design in contemporary style 4.5 from 5. Rating : 2

Accounting offices design in contemporary style

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. The energy of color.

Design concept. Create a comfortable working environment, but at the same time stimulate activity, reduce fatigue, increase attentiveness and concentration. The basis was taken two colors - orange, which has a positive effect on mental activity and moderately tones, and helps intellectual work. And the gray color that expands the space helps concentration. Thanks to the convenient placement of furniture, it was possible to achieve comfort in working with documents.

The main materials used in the interior. At the request of the customer, Merx cabinet furniture was used, the most suitable collection goes well with the bright orange color of the walls, on which the choice was made. Linoleum, painting.

Address. Poltava region