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Mezzanine floor design for le Balkon restaurant

Project description

Design concept. The design of the attic floor in the restaurant "le Balcony" is made in the same style as the restaurant as a whole. The task was to combine the beauty of design and ergonomic space. Light cold shades tend to move away from us visually, so the low ceiling and the upper part of the wall are painted in a cool white and gray color, and the lower part of the wall and the floor are dark. This design technique allowed to visually increase the height of the attic room. Glass with a pattern of clouds creates the illusion of the sky outside the window. Tables are arranged in such a way that visitors who might like to be alone will feel comfortable. Leather chairs, floor lamps and lamps in Art Deco style, gently illuminating the space, make this interior warm and cozy.

Interior Idea is a restaurant design for every taste.