August 2019
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Banquet room "With the taste of lime"

Project description

Design Idea:
Lime Flavored Chocolate Story

The embodiment of the design concept:
The main task was to create a restaurant design that can be used for celebrations and for individual visits by small companies.
Many design techniques and various decor were used in the design: perforation in gold-colored metal on the walls, mirrors with black patterns on the columns, interesting sofas and a soft high headboard on the walls above them, decorative plaster and lamps at different levels of the ceiling, classic moldings and metal Gold-colored profiles on the floor and partitions.
In a fairly strict color scheme, fresh green colors and gold accents were added.

The main difficulties:
1) the presence of 4 columns dividing the premises into 2 parts. We designed them with mirrors with drawings, and combined them on the bottom, thereby separating some tables from others.
2) the presence of a ventilation ceiling system throughout the restaurant. Its placement was taken into account in the design and decoration of the ceiling.

Materials used in the interior:
Decorative plaster on the walls and ceiling.
Perforated metal in gold color.
Mirrors with drawings.
Gold decorative profiles.

Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko
Thanks to the restrained, but fashionable color scheme, the presence of gold accents and a variety of lighting, the restaurant turned out to be quite elegant, solid and cozy. I think he will delight the eye of more than one visitor.