April 2014
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Rating: Internet-cafe design in eclectic style 5.0 from 5. Rating : 9

Internet-cafe design in eclectic style

Project description

The idea of ​​design. Creative youth interior with "London character". This space is a comfortable, professionally equipped place for work and rest, a universal platform for holding conferences, trainings, master classes, private and open events of different directions, negotiations and presentations, joint cinema viewing, creative evenings and even romantic dates. As conceived by its founders, it should be paid according to the time of stay in it.
All working conditions are created here: workplaces with individual lighting, comfortable furniture (capable of transformation and grouping), outlets near each workplace and Wi-Fi. You can play board games, negotiate, use a projector, printer, work on a netbook and have a cup of tea or coffee.
The space is created for lively, active and high-quality communication. This is a meeting place for people who are ready for innovation, development and active work for a promising future.

Design concept. This space, although it hints at Great Britain, is devoid of the usual for our eyes “London” coziness from the Victorian era, with its soft sofas, armchair with “ears”, fireplace, mirrors, candles, blankets and porcelain knickknacks. It uses details taken out of context. Here fragmentation is more important than integrity, internal connectivity and consistency. Here every detail is worthy of attention. Perhaps this is the modern and youthful vision of the interior, suitable for work and leisure.
Today, the brick surface is a stylish trend that is practical in care and looks incredibly impressive. In this interior, white and light gray are the perfect backdrop for bright details and accents. Against the background of such a neutral color scheme of the main planes, colored patches of wooden panels on the walls and ceiling, colorful wall lamps, a red phone booth as a vestibule, a bright tabletop of the reception and blotches of red tile in the kitchen area look great.

The main materials and ideas used in the interior. Long plasterboard and mirror strips on the walls, the same wooden multi-colored panels on the bottom of the walls and on the ceiling. Original pendant lights-hats "Jeeves and Wooster." Wooden shelves-boxes for books, partly buried in the space behind the sofa. Photos or ads hanging on clothespins in a wooden frame. Chalk boards for announcements of events or announcements in the reception area. Clothes hangers, made in the form of trees. Gypsum hands holding colorful lamps above the tables. Sconce, partially imbedded in the wall. Painting with the sights of London. White decorative shelf for books, made of plastic. Mousetraps holding magazines in the kitchen area. Shelves for books and magazines in the form of stacked stacked each other cups are made of plastic.

Only the best ideas for a cafe and restaurant in the studio Interior-Idea.

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina In English, there is the familiar expression “thinking outside the box”. It can be translated into Russian as the ability to think outside the framework. In the designer profession, creativity and creativity often go hand in hand. And just this project was for me a test of the willingness to create original, non-trivial ideas deviating from the traditional or accepted thinking patterns. He pushed me to a bold, unconventional and unconventional approach to solving the problem. Although in general the design is very creative, it has both a concept, and logic, and its own harmony. I think it will also help its visitors to expand the boundaries of the world. I love difficult, but original tasks ...