August 2017
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Rating: Coffee Clatch cafe in Cherkasy. Visualisation of the project 4.5 from 5. Rating : 6

Coffee Clatch cafe in Cherkasy. Visualisation of the project

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Project description

Creative project name: "Talking over a cup of coffee."

Clutch is a small elegant handbag-envelope. She is an indispensable attribute of women's evening dress. And as this women's handbag, which keeps secrets, can gather a lot of necessary trifles, so this small coffee shop is designed for 10-13 seats and combines an abundance of drinks and dessert dishes, coffee and tea, cakes and ice cream, sandwiches. This homely cozy piece of France in Cherkassy invites coffee connoisseurs to meet and socialize, in order to feel together every tinge of taste and the finest aroma of coffee beans. Any client who likes the coffee can buy and continue the pleasant taste adventure at home.

Customers took an active part in the development of the project, freely demonstrating their vision of the future coffee house and making their own adjustments, so the result obtained can not but rejoice. The interior of the coffee house is unique, relaxes and charges a good mood. The furniture is made to order from the array and MDF, and the barista area is designed for the necessary equipment. A glass case with a glass shelf demonstrates the entire range of desserts and attracts the attention of passersby. The radiator, located under the window, is covered with a decorative grille and is decorated on top with a soft seat cushion. Stools on wooden legs do not clutter up the space, but provide additional seating.

Materials: Metal chairs "Signal Spot"; tables (400x500x756mm) with Attika cast-iron support painted in corporate blue; white ceiling cornice "Homestar Modern D-120", LED lighting.

“For inspiration, I need only an open piano, silence and a cup of coffee. Music will be born from the smell, silence will allow to hear it, and the piano will bring to life ”
Johann Strauss.

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