August 2013
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Restaurant design in classic style

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Project description

Design of a restaurant in a classic style, Cherkasy

The idea of ​​design. "The luxury of gold"

The embodiment of the design concept. Gold color is associated with wealth, aristocracy and privileges, so the customer was tasked to issue it using this color. Brown was chosen as an additional color. In our interior, this color combination emphasized the subtle beauty of the color of gold, and not its abundance.

The question of space zoning and its differentiation into functional zones in this case was not, since the restaurant is mainly used for banquets with a large number of people. Therefore, these 8 tables should be quickly grouped. For privacy, the restaurant provides 2 separate rooms, booths of 9 and 13 m2, the entrance to which is carried out directly from the main hall. Dining table areas are underlined with tinted mirrors with facets, in the intervals between which a golden mosaic is visible.

In addition to the two traditional ceiling chandeliers, the restaurant's design uses wall lamps above each table, a large multi-level chandelier in the middle of the hall, spotlights with crystal pendants and LED lights. The main task of such hidden lighting is to emphasize the golden mosaic under the bar and create an unusual game of light highlights on the central mosaic panel. Such an abundance of diverse illumination will add to the room festivity and shade the glasses well.

When working on this project there were several difficulties: first, it is a radiator located near the main wall. It was not possible to dismantle or move to another place, as it was the only source of heat in this large hall, therefore it should be located in the center of the hall. As a result, it was decided to paint it brown and close it with a brown decorative grille. Secondly, it was necessary to provide the necessary plasterboard down for installation and wiring of ventilation around the perimeter of the entire hall. Thus was born the complex geometric pattern of the ceiling. Thirdly, two large black columns on racks at the corners of the mosaic panel. We covered them with two large outdoor flowers. Fourth, along the main walls, 4 columns measuring 17x12 cm were located in different places (see plan). To hide them, along the perimeter, through the equal step, plasterboard extensions were made, as a result, recesses with tinted mirrors were formed at each table.

The main materials used in the interior. Chandeliers and sconces “Emmepilight Classica”, a large multi-level chandelier “Ottocento”, parquet, wood panels around the perimeter of the walls, bronze mirrors with facets, golden mosaic, decorative plaster.

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina Personally, I go to restaurants, not only to satisfy my hunger, but also enjoy a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, the first thing I pay attention to is the interior of the room, because the atmosphere is one of the most important components of a good restaurant. If he has an interesting and unique design, as well as a good kitchen, then this is the key to success and popularity. Such an important first impression of the restaurant, the desire to try delicious dishes and return here again depends on this.