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May 2017

Идея дизайна. Уют и спокойствие. Концепция дизайна. Основная задача дизайн-проекта заключалась в…

Beauty salon design with massage room, Lviv
March 2017

Идея дизайна. Успокаивающая зелень. Зеленый — это цвет жизни и природы. Он…

Laboratory design in contemporary style
March 2017

Идея дизайна. Лофт с акцентом красного. Концепция дизайна. Интерьер шоурума является интерпретацией…

Show-room of beauty salon design
May 2016

Идея дизайна. Холл современной стоматологии с уютной зоной ожидания Концепция дизайна. Приветствие…

Dental clinic design
April 2016

Дизайн маникюрного и педикюрного кабинета в салоне красоты, г. Черкассы

Manicure and pedicure cabinet in beauty salon
April 2016

Интерьер косметологического кабинета в салоне красоты, г. Черкассы

Facial room design in beauty salon
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advice on a design of a salon, reception area

Beauty salon design

Beauty salon design

Beauty salons provide services that are directly related to beauty, so the interior of a presentable beauty salon cannot be tasteless. Clients of such a salon subconsciously transfer their requirements to the salon's services to all manifestations of its brand, be it printing products, interior, or service personnel. Therefore, the design of beauty salons is always something bright, something that is rememberable.

Beauty salon design


But beauty salon is also the business of its owner, that's why it is treated like an investment with a view to its early return with a profit. In the interior, this requirement translates into the following tasks:

    • optimal planning of the working space - usually there is a neccessity to accomodate the maximum possible number of working personnel, while maintaining the conditions of its comfortable work.

  • application of practical materials in decoration and furnishing - this is the durability of repair and the comfort of the staff.

Beauty salon, the design of which was developed by a professional, always takes into account ergonomics of the specialist's separate workspace.

Reception design


Considering the distinctive features of the reception design, it is worth noting the following:

  • the importance of having a sufficiently large space at the reception desk. There should be enough personal space in this place so that one could feel comfortable.
  • it is extremely important to present your own company in the most favorable light, therefore, a lot of attention should be given to the quality of design and materials in the reception area. After all, reception is the place where a future client or partner gets the first vivid impression of your brand, which is remembered the most.
  • if there is a documented brand book, it is necessary to precisely follow its instructions regarding colors, logo, and other components. In this process, it is important to understand the essence of the brand. Even if the designer is working on the brand book of a large corporation, it is unlikely that all the details, on which interiors of this company should be done, are included.

What designer should understand


The designer should feel the niche occupied by this firm in the market, the style of its advertising, such characteristics as innovation and its target audience. In sum, it is important to constantly remember even those brand characteristics that the company's customers have in their minds, and not just in the documentation. Then the materials, shapes, and colors used in the interior will be associated with this firm, and the design will turn out not only creative, but also suitable for it.

Ordering a beauty salon or reception design from a nonprofessional is possible only if the customer does not understand the complexities of the process and the importance of a quality result for their own business. See our portfoliо and contact us for a design project and advice.