June 2019
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Rating: Дизайн комнаты для инструктажа в клубе виртуальной реальности 5.0 from 5. Rating : 1

Дизайн комнаты для инструктажа в клубе виртуальной реальности

Project description

Virtual reality club.

"Unforgettable impressions without wires and borders."

The project of the customer using VR-technology involves technically equipped gaming spaces with opportunities for individual and team games.
When immersed in the game space comes to life and moves the user into virtual reality.
In the new, virtual reality, the user can use not only his eyes and head, but also his hands and body, moving around the game space, interacting, evading from other objects of virtual reality, as well as communicating with his friends, because they will see each other in the virtual world and communicate using microphones embedded in helmets.

 To make all this possible, the Explorer must pick up a set of equipment, and then instruct and teach participants how to manage and move in virtual reality.

That is what the instruction room is for.


The embodiment of the design concept.

This room is designed for comfortable conversations, briefings and provides for the placement of lockers for changing clothes and storage of all necessary equipment.
A lot of equipment here: backpacks, computers, helmets, goggles, manipulators, hand and foot markers (gloves and lining with balls - 4 pcs. Per player).

With the help of such equipment the player can easily move on a small platform.
All his movements are tracked and transferred to the virtual world.


The main materials used in the interior.

Walls: gray film with metal sheet texture; black decorative plaster with figured rustami;

Cabinet furniture: racks and shelves made of MDF with perforated metal; coffee tables are made of two metal cases and covered with glass on top;

Doors: existing, but pasted over with a film with the texture of a metal sheet;

Gender: commercial gray coating;

Fixtures: LED 60 * 60 cm.

Design of commercial interiors in Odessa.