January 2019
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Clinic Reception Design

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Project description

The idea of ​​design - "Calm, peace".

The concept of design, the main materials used in the project.
The main idea was to create a waiting area, comfortable and enjoyable for the visitor.
It turns out that a person comes to the clinic with a problem, and it is very important to influence the psycho-emotional state of the patient who is awaiting a doctor's appointment.
This should have a positive effect on mood (as far as possible) and, as a result, it will give a normal communication between the doctor and the patient, and, perhaps, will set the mood for recovery.
Therefore, this interior uses a relaxing green color and wood panels as accents that are not aggressive in themselves and create an atmosphere of calm and comfort.
In addition, the "chip" of the reception is the registration counter with imitation of phyto-wallpaper (it is planned to use single-piece plants).

Design of a reception in Kharkiv.

Designers feedback

Designer  Alexander Barchan
Alexander Barchan
Work with the customer was easy, as he accepted this concept "with a bang." The project, in fact, was adopted from the first time, with minimal edits.