December 2019
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Design front desk in dentistry. “We treat teeth beautifully!”

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Project description

The dentistry room is located on the first floor of a multi-storey building, so the entrance to the room was made from the side of the street, and not from the entrance.

At the entrance to the building, a glass vestibule was built between the outer and inner doors, which is a thermal gateway and prevents the penetration of cold air from the street into the dentistry building.

The radiator, located to the left of the glass platform, was sewn up by MFD with perforation and designed as one unit with the cabinet.

The room is very small, so the design and selection of furniture was approached very carefully.

There is nothing superfluous in the design of the reception, everything is ergonomic and functional.

Opposite the entrance, they placed a “pocket” for magazines and booklets.


The main materials used in the interior:

All cabinet furniture is made of chipboard and MDF to order;

On the wall is decorative plaster, tile with mirror inserts and chipboard in the form of honeycombs.

Sofa and armchairs "Delta-Lux-2" of the company "Dline Style";

Tile "Zeus Ceramica / Allwood Beige" (225x900 mm);

Lamps "Kanlux Bravo LED 40W-NW";