May 2017
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Beauty salon design with massage room, Lviv

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Comfort and tranquility.

Design concept. The main objective of the design project was to ensure that the public institution was bright and cozy, the practical location of the equipment and the proper provision of lighting. The art deco style is characterized by the laconic use of cornices or moldings, where mirrors with LED backlighting add special accent. Colored glass blocks appropriately complement the calm color range of the walls.

The main materials used in the design project:

- plaster moldings, moldings and decorative brick

- resistant paint of walls on color RAL _040-60-05_998E8A

- colored glass blocks

- Chandeliers LIGHTSTAR RICERCO 693084 (693082) and LIGHTSTAR RICERCO 693064 (693062)

- insert mirrors with chamfers

- MDF furniture with white matt fronts

- tile OPOCZNO, Opoczno Fargo Black, Opoczno Fargo Gray, Opoczno Fargo White

- plinth 100 mm high white

Object address: Lviv, Sykhiv district