March 2017
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Show-room of beauty salon design

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Loft with a red accent.

Design concept. The interior of the showroom is an interpretation of the Loft style, since this style is shaped by the architectural features of the room. Since the object is located in a modern room, a combination of muted "dry" wood (as a floor covering), preserved bricks (as decorative planes) and plaster in two colors — light cream and orange-terracotta — was taken as the basis.

The solution to the ceiling in dark gray painting on floor slabs reduces its activity, thereby focusing attention on the walls and furniture. The main hall of the showroom is divided into 2 zones with a wooden structure. In support of the material of the floor and the chosen style, it is framed in a metal frame with integrated LED illumination of the represented goods. The metal is painted black, since this color shows others on its background, and attention will be focused only on the product. There are slots through which workers will see the incoming visitor.

The main materials used in the design project:

The doors are made of wood, the elements of metal upholstery are present as a tribute to the past centuries, in which most factories and factory premises were built, which formed icons of the loft style.

The logo is decorated in a classic frame with LED lighting. Below - 3 shelves, a similar solution with the main bottom. In support of red in the logo added a few red accents in the shelf, lamp and drawers.

False lights with directional lights were added to the ceiling. In the center of the composition is pendant lamps, grouped and lowered to a different level, which creates an improvised chandelier. This art object serves not only for its intended purpose, but also decorates, gives dynamism and liveliness in the showroom.

The shelves are made partly of double chipboard, partly glass, with a metal frame and hangers.

Object address: Cherkasy