October 2019
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Exquisite white dental office

Project description

Idea: Refined White.

The embodiment of the design concept:

From the very purpose of the premises, everything becomes clear: cabinets should be bright and functional.
Clients themselves imagined snow-white walls.
Cabinet furniture should also be bright and comfortable.
And they were ready to dilute such a light color scheme with bright accents - colored armchairs and paintings.
At the reception on the walls placed built-in LED stripes of white neutral glow in a chaotic manner, which are also provided to the room of originality and additional lighting.

Materials used in the interior

Cabinet furniture is made to order from white matte MDF with additional color accents: yellow, red and blue.
All furniture is “torn” from the floor, as it simplifies cleaning in these offices.
LED strips are placed below and above them, which give the furniture even more lightness.
The partitions between the offices are glass with frosted sandblasted patterns in the form of strips, which are supported by white rails at the reception and do not allow observing what happens in the treatment rooms themselves.
In the cosmetology cabinet, the walls were decorated with an interesting composition of mirrors, marble, metal and wood rails.
This composition increases the space and gives additional light, this cabinet is very necessary, because there is not a single window in it, sunlight does not get here.
The walls are painted with environmental white paint.

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty

It was very interesting and informative to work on this project, because this is something new for me.
The room was bright and airy, everything was just as customers wanted.
I hope they will have a lot of visitors not only from high-quality treatment, but also thanks to a thoughtful and beautiful design))).