June 2019
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Reception and waiting area in a virtual reality club

Project description

Reception and waiting area concept in a virtual reality club.

"There are no more boundaries."

The task was to have a person start entering the atmosphere of a fantastic film already at the entrance.
It is the anticipation of something unknown and unpredictable that can prepare for future reincarnation and incredible emotions.
Therefore, this interior should be the main anchor and the link between what a person left behind the entrance doors and what awaits him in the coming hours.

Such leisure is suitable for a person who loves life and receives maximum pleasure from it, it is reckless, active and advanced in technology.

He is a seeker of adventure, extreme feelings and adrenaline.
Moving around the game room, the participant will overcome labyrinths, dodge bullets, climb rocks, fly over the precipice and explore other planets ... He can become anyone.

The embodiment of the design concept.

The purpose of this room set the tone for the whole design.
This is the technology of the future, allowing to reincarnate and be on the cutting edge of technology, and futuristic details and luminous panels are a reference to the films "Tron", "The First Player to Prepare", "Blade Runner", etc.

At the time of the start of design, some forms of ceilings and ring lights were already there and were well suited to our futuristic style.
These large volumes could not be ignored, so they became style-forming elements.

We proposed to use RGB-lighting on the walls so that you can smoothly change its color everywhere at the same time.
The floor and the walls will always take over the different shades of this highlight.
To dive into the atmosphere of the game, the curtains on the windows will be completely closed, then the lights will give the desired effect.
The existing floor was light - beige marble.
Customers did not want to change it.
Therefore, if you organize the light in such a way that the overall light is muted, and only the necessary points of interest and the contours of the various elements are highlighted, the light color of the floor will allow you to maintain good visibility for the safe movement of visitors.

To get rid of the feeling of empty volume (due to the light floor, large area of ​​rooms and high ceiling), we were not afraid to arrange the walls in a dark gray color.
Illumination made zoned: bright at the reception, and the rest of the - LED lights with variable programmable lighting.

The existing doors offered to glue with a film with the texture of a metal sheet and arrange the LED lighting around the perimeter as an entrance to the portal.

In the waiting area placed several cozy sofas and poufs - 8 seats.
A large TV will allow any company to comfortably watch everything happening in the virtual world.


The main difficulties when working on a project.

- untested sphere designers;

- very large areas;

- an unusual form of the room (with adjoining corridors and passages);

- the presence of two stages in the waiting area;

- you need to skillfully fit into the interior of an existing floor tile.

Basic materials.
Walls: perforated stainless steel sheets and decorative plaster;
Lights above the reception: Eglo;
Bean bags: from the company "Poparada";
Sofas: from the “ALFINOSA” collection of the “Blanche” company;

Reception: MDF and artificial stone;

Eaves for the hidden LED illumination: "Tesori KD 301".

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