January 2014
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Beauty salon Strekoza design in art-deco style

Project description

Design idea, creative project name, concept:
"Small cabin for great beauty"

The burgundy color serves as an accent, completely captures the attention of visitors to the salon and causes strong emotions, as if speaking of strength and success.
Adding to it a beige color soothes, balances and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The main wish of the customers and the main difficulty in the design was to divide one space into several separate zones, while ensuring that the whole room had sufficient insolation.

The embodiment of the design concept:

The interior of this room is designed in a bright and memorable art deco style, combining classic and modern.
Despite the small area, the room was divided into the necessary functional areas: 3 places for hairdressers, 1 washing room and a passage to the next room.
For this, plasterboard partitions with frosted glass inserts with gold drawings were used.
For visual relief, they added warm LED backlighting around the perimeter.
Their base is decorated with burgundy mosaic, and inside - with decorative stones.
If necessary / at the request of the client, two of the booths can be closed with curtains.
To the maximum, 4 existing niches were used, mirrored cabinets and shop windows were placed in them.
The remaining 3 niches, created specifically for rounding corners, are used as facet mirrors.
Since the floor of this and the next room is in different levels (120 mm drop), a step and forged handrails, painted gold, appeared near the entrance.

The main materials used in the interior:

Hairdresser's carts "Friend" company "AGV" (H910h360h450),

hair washing „Wien“ (Н930х570х1200 / 1500) produced by "Comair" (Germany),

chair hairdresser A068 (China),

tile "Saba Marfil" (Spain),

13 pendant lamps: red "Ideal Lux Flut SP1 Small", white "LampGustaf Slim" and black "LampGustaf Slim".

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina The planning decision took longer than usual. I thought that it would not be nice to divide this room into so many small zones, also so that the light from the window would penetrate, and in two cabins it would be possible to completely close. But in my opinion everything turned out :)