June 2019
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Selfie area in a virtual reality club

Project description


"Capturing (sfotkay), as fiction has become reality."

Participation in a virtual game gives the opportunity to receive emotions and impressions that the user will not receive in any other place. And after the game there is an opportunity to continue to receive peak experiences, being in this photo zone.


The embodiment of the design concept.

To give this corridor the right atmosphere, the windows are completely closed with roller curtains, then the lights will give the desired effect.
On the walls and on the ceiling we suggest using white and RGB lights.
On the ceiling, it was embedded in suspended metal pipes.

The existing columns were made and decorated.
Of course, specific models of the decor depend on the skill of the decorators, but we proposed zoning such that we could be photographed in different ways and from different sides, so that there was room for creativity.
Therefore, reduced the amount of props, but not limited to the space near the far column.

In the design they tried to use more simple source elements (barrels, boxes, bags, etc.), and from the fact that it is more complicated and requires detailed study, only full-size models of different characters from virtual reality remain.

Placed the so-called "trenches" and a wall with weapons, there you can scatter the cartridge case and empty boxes of ammunition; there you can hide from a zombie, scatter bags, a couple of fake machines or training grenades ...
Visitors will definitely figure out how to take a picture of them.
If you move to the wall and make a frame on the trenches, it will turn out as if zombies are coming at you, and if you move further to the door, you can make a frame, as if the bug and the zombies are coming at you ... Fantasy is limitless!
The further wall was designed in the form of a rock and a monster-beetle crawling out of it.
This can be realized by making a base from a plasterboard broken construction and covered with concrete and / or decorative plaster with a stone effect on top.
You can add texture and volume, make slots and holes in the rock ... Here it's up to the decorators.

The radiators are covered with metal structures with fans.


The main difficulties when working on a project.

not tested by designers sphere;

passage zone (corridor with columns);

the complexity of visualizing the necessary attributes and props (monsters, zombies, trenches, rocks, etc.).

The main materials used in the interior.

Walls: decorative plaster, perforated stainless steel sheets; concrete decoration (imitation of rock);

Gender: existing marble tile in the reception area, “Avtolin D02-03 dark gray scar” linoleum - in the selfie zone;

Ceiling: painted in gray, decorating the ventilation grilles and metal pipes with built-in lighting;

Windows: roll curtains black;

Lights above the reception: Eglo;

Doors: decorated with self-adhesive film with the texture of metal sheet.

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