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October 2018

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advice on a store design

Store design

Merchandising rules

Store layout should take into account merchandising rules, the goods must be presented in such a sequence that is most logical for this type of product. It is necessary to try to "lead" the client through the whole trading room. Apart from the appropriate placement of products, the essential thing is to provide comfortable customer service area, waiting zone, and other areas depending on the product type as well as to correctly place the staff in the room.

Think, the seller should meet clients and attract them in a trading hall or give the opportunity to come in and look around before offering their assistance.

Clothing store design in classic styleLingerie store design


Shop interior design is increasingly subordinated to its main goal – selling of goods or services. It is nice if store products can be used directly in its interior design. For example, when developing a design for the finishing materials store, finishing of its ceiling and walls can be presented as its product samples. If you are planning the interior design for a clothing store, you should think about original ideas for decoration of walls, floor, and ceiling.

A good idea would be to place on the walls the things that will encourage customers to buy your products. The same principle can be used to design a grocery store interior: for example, to place on the walls or under the ceiling large posters with professional food pictures. The prices can be displayed on posters too, if they are really low. This can cause appetite and emphasize the profitability of the purchase, thereby stimulating it to be made.

Women clothing store designClothing store design in provence style


Commonly, shop premises are rented. In such cases, floor and ceiling design is limited, since these are already existing elements of the whole mall. On ceilings, there are usually set fire and security alarms, ventilation, emergency lights, and other communications. On the one hand, this simplifies the designing task. On the other hand, conversely, it makes the task more difficult because it is much harder to find an interesting solution for the ceiling, if in fact it is almost impossible to change.

Because the store visitors' attention is automatically focused on the products and not so much on the general atmosphere of its interior, as it is, say, in a restaurant, then when designing a store, more attention should be given to areas with products and the "introducing" the store reception area.

Each rule has an exception


Of course, every rule has an exception. If you offer VIP services or VIP products when just opened a store, the client will already subconsciously understand the high level of prices on the products. In this case, the extra costs on the interior will emphasize the salon-store status, and this in turn affects clients' feeling of their status. VIP clients are really ready to pay for such a status if this feeling is backed by the high quality products and services.

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