October 2017
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Design of shop of men's and women's accessories

  • Visualization

Project description

The main idea of ​​the design project. Glossy surfaces, chrome and lots of light.

Concept design project. The main drawback in creating the design for this store was the fact that the store was leased, so the customer could not change everything indoors. Therefore, I could not touch the floor and ceiling. It was decided to partially hide the ceiling behind the soaring mirror decor. Also attention to yourself should take the chandeliers. The stands themselves are made of glossy, and the edging in chrome to add shine. The interior has a lot of LED-backlighting. I used 3D panels to dilute cabinet furniture.

Materials: Chandelier suspended Trio 376013606, but in fact it will be Maytoni Venus MOD211-07-N. Gypsum panel Kairos Web, furniture under the order.

The address of the object. Ivano-Frankivsk, st. Grushevskogo, 9A.

Customers feedback

Дуже задоволена дизайном магазину,який зробив мені дизайнер вашої студії Ігор Іванов.Все було зроблено швидко,якісно,а саме основне дуже красиво.Ігор дуже відповідальний,терплячий і взагалі професіонал своєї справи.Він вислухав всі мої ідеї і побажання,все зробив на вищому рівні,дякую!!!Буду рекомендувати вас своїм друзям!!!

Designers feedback

Designer  Igor Ivanov
Igor Ivanov The design turned out the way it was originally conceived - a lot of gloss, reflective surfaces and contrasting colors.