March 2018
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Clothing store design

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Want a bright interior? Do not be afraid to use contrasts.
Dilute the light interior with black accents and make an interesting room volume using mirrors.

Concept. Creating a clothing store for young modern ladies.
The main color, at the request of the client, was white, since the room does not have solar lighting. Also used a large number of mirrors to increase the lighting and to create an interesting volume. Diminish the glamor black frames of furniture and chairs. Considering the unusual shape of the premises, the planning was thought out, it presented profitably the shopping area and hid all the outbuildings.

Basic materials: decorative plaster, IKEA "Lack" shelves, IKEA "Soderhamn" armchair, chandelier "TK LIGHTING 91927".

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Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko The priority task was to create a bright store that would stand out from many other stores in the shopping center.