August 2019
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Design of clothing and footwear store “Paradise”

Project description

Design Idea: Red-Green Boxwood

This design of the store is the design of the room where clothes, shoes and accessories for men are sold.
The room had an existing floor and ceiling, so it was necessary to choose the color of the walls, change the trading equipment and existing furniture, add bright and high-quality lighting, arrange a selfie zone to effectively increase sales.

The entrance was painted with decorative plaster in red color.
This emphasis was chosen based on the color scheme of the store’s logo.
Reception area, cabinets, trading shelves and decoration elements changed.
The selfie area is decorated with decorative gypsum bricks painted black for harmony with existing furniture.
Added fixtures with high power and cold glow for a vivid demonstration of products.

Thus, we created a stylish and fashionable room that will delight regular customers with its comfort, convenience, good lighting, relevant decor elements and the presence of a selfie zone for cool photos.

The main materials:
Lighting - lamps "NOWODVORSKI 23922";
As wall decoration - decorative plaster company "Caparol";
Furniture - chipboard "Egger U999 ST38".

Designer Review:
The store turned out to be quite bright and contrasting, the wishes were accepted immediately, so the customer did not want to make any changes to the visualization.
I hope that such a fashionable and modern design will attract new customers to the store.