December 2011
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Golda store design in provence style

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. "Beauty, lightness and spirituality for a clothing store"

The embodiment of the design concept. The French-Ukrainian company “JOLIE DAME”, which in French means “beautiful woman”, was created by fashion designer Golda Vinogradskaya. Having passed the thorny path of training, competitions, shows, exhibitions, she found her place in such an amazing and difficult world of fashion. Understanding and feeling the needs of a modern working woman, 4 times a year, industrial collections of clothes are created under the GOLDA brand to meet the expectations of their consumers. Representative offices of this company are in Japan, the Baltic countries, Germany, the Netherlands, China and Kazakhstan. Therefore, of course, it was necessary to develop the concept of stores and salons offering this brand.

The design of the shop is made in the style of light French Provence. The idea of ​​the design was not only to create a feeling of relaxation in the park, but also to take into account all the necessary details typical of this room. Well-used design techniques contribute to this feeling: a wall photo creates the illusion of a space going off into the distance; the front doors of the store are stylized as park gates. Custom-made wrought metal for clothes hung, wooden benches and lights for additional lighting, reinforce the feeling of park decoration. As a result, the interior is not only permeated with light French charm, but also meets all the necessary conditions for working with a client.

Address of the object. Kiev.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina Here, the smell of the spring park is intertwined with its exciting music, and the amazing curls of forged lanterns gently illuminate the space near the cozy benches. Just a step - and you enter the space of lightness and refined taste. Here the staircase goes to the sky, and the Woman is always going to meet.